Let’s face it, early reviews of Black Panther seem to have crowned him the best black superhero to hit the big screen in a long time (hell, he might be the best hero in general). After all, Chadwick Boseman tore it up in Captain America: Civil War. However, recently I’ve seen some chatter on the internet hailing him as the first black superhero to show up on screen. Believe it or not, though, there have been quite a few black superheroes that have shown up in movies. Ranging from the good (Blade) to the bad (Catwoman) to the ugly (Steel), there are enough out there to warrant a list narrowing them down to the top 10 we’ve seen so far. Keep in mind this list is only going to be looking at superheroes, so don’t expect to see Will Smith’s Deadshot on there, and those that appeared in movies, so those Marvel Netflix series and CW shows are off the table. Still, there was plenty to choose from, but this list definitely manages to put together the top 10 Black Superheroes we’ve seen so far on the silver screen.

10. Darwin- X-Men: First Class (Edi Gathegi)

Black superheroes
Alas Darwin, we barely knew ye.

Though he didn’t get a chance to appear for long in First Class, Darwin was a character that was easy to love and provided the “Phil Coulson” moment for the young X-Men in the film. A mutant with the ability to evolve instantly and adapt to any situation, he could have been as unstoppable as Wolverine. Alas though, his time was cut short, but that doesn’t make his abilities any less cool. Besides, given the fact that we barely got a chance to know him, but his death managed to hit so hard, it’s clear that he was one of the black superheroes that left his mark without being a throwaway character.

9. War Machine- Marvel Cinematic Universe (Don Cheadle)

black superheroes
You might want to get behind the big guy there, Iron Man.

Sorry, Terrence Howard, I’m going to have to go with Don Cheadle on this one. War Machine is Iron Man’s trusted companion in a lot of ways. However, he’s much more than just some sidekick. He was one of the first black superheroes to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and though he didn’t get a chance to really shine until Iron Man 2, he’s been swooping in to help save the day plenty of times ever since. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with him in Infinity War after his fall from grace (literally), but he’s an old war horse and you can count on Rhodey to be right there fighting the good fight when it matters most.

8. Blankman- Blankman (Marlon Waynes)

black superheroes
Who says superhero costumes need to cost a fortune.

You won’t find him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Batman or Captain America, but when I was a kid Blankman was one of the first black superheroes I got to see on tv. Despite the fact that he’s not really that super, he is a hero with a lot of heart. Plus, the whole point of the character was that he used his brains and creativity to save the day. Blankman was a Batman parody that built all of his gadgets from junk he found lying around (back before Spider-man made dumpster diving cool, and as ridiculous as most of them were they were surprisingly effective crime-fighting tools. No one believed in Blankman, but that didn’t stop him from saving the day, which is why he’s a solid entry on this list of the Best Black Superheroes.

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