1. Valkyrie- Thor: Ragnarok (Tessa Thompson)

black superheroes
I gotta say, she knows how to kick ass in style.

To be honest, this was a tough call. There were a lot of black superheroes on this list that seemed like the obvious choice for the number one slot. However, looking back on Thompson’s debut in the MCU, I have to say she’s my favorite black superhero in the movies so far (though Black Panther would definitely challenge her ranking if he were to be included on this list). She was tough, funny, brave, and had style. All things that not just made her a great character, but made her one that a lot of people could look up to. While it’s awesome that everyone is excited about the new Black Panther movie, I’m giving the number one spot to a black female superhero. Not because I’m “woke,” but because I’d rather see a movie starring Valkyrie than Black Widow any day of the week.

There you have it, the 10 best black superheroes that have appeared in movies (not including Black Panther). While I’m not going to say that black superheroes have gotten nearly as much screen time as their white counterparts, I was actually pretty surprised how many there were and how hard it was to narrow down this list. Those were just my picks though. So, if you feel like there are black superheroes that should have been on this list, be sure to leave a comment below. Oh, and if you enjoyed this article make sure you share it with your friends!

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