7. The Matrix

dystopian movies
The future is here and it wears a lot of leather.

Alright, this is one future that I definitely can’t say the current administration will have any hand it. Google though… Google might be pushing us down the path towards this. The Matrix is a dystopian future that asks, “what happens when you don’t know you’re in prison?” Machines have conquered man and in order to turn them into good little batteries, they shove them into a VR world reflective of the high point of society. So next time you get excited about that new VR headset coming out, think back about those dystopian movies that warned you about this. Then again, maybe living in a simulation would be so bad. Especially if you had some cheat codes.

6. Twelve Monkeys

dystopian movies
Such a compassionate mental health care system.

I had to put one of Terry Gilliam’s dystopian movies on this list, so I figured I go with the one that’s less of a satire. Plus, Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt were a winning combo in the 90’s. Hell, they would probably be one these days as well. In this future, the world population is ravaged by a virus and a lone man is sent back in time to try to discover the origin of it. Unfortunately, time travel isn’t an exact science, even in 2035, and he’s sent back 6 years too early. So, he’s shoved into a mental institution for being a “future man” and we get to see first hand the kind of compassion he’s treated with.  

5. Children of Men

dystopian movies
This babysitter has a lot more than a tip on his shoulders.

They say that the children are our future. Seriously, those little things running around and screaming at the top of their lungs are our future. As far as dystopian movies go, Children of Men is less of a bang and more of a whimper. In it, children just stop being born. That’s it. I mean as far as extinction level events go infertility is a heck of an ending for the top of the food chain. Of course, if it was just that simple there wouldn’t be much of a movie. So, Clive Owen finds himself protecting one of the last pregnant women in the world. It’s one of the more subtle films on this dystopian movies list, but it’s still one that shows just how easy it all could end for us.