4. Terminator

dystopian movies
Siri can’t save you now.

Once again this is one of those dystopian movies that makes me take a serious interest in what Google and DARPA are up to with robotics. Luckily, robots are still clumsy, bumbling idiots and have yet to develop Austrian accents, so I think we’re alright… For now. For those of you who don’t know about Terminator, well go see Terminator. It’s the series that put Arnold Schwarzenegger on top of the world for his stunning portrayal of an emotionless robot. Who knew he had it in him? The day we get killer robots is the day that Siri, Alexa or any of those other devices start actually being useful. It’ll be really handy until all those missiles are launched.

3. Mad Max Fury Road

Dystopian movies
It’s the only way to travel.

Road Warrior was going to end up on this dystopian movies list, it was just a matter of which one. Before all you Mel Gibson fans start freaking out, Fury Road was a masterpiece with an incredibly strong and kick-ass female lead. Besides, it actually showed a bit more of society than the other ones did (Barter Town was great and all). With the trade going on between warlords and their mutually intertwined interests, it created the greatest challenge Max had seen to date. Plus, it was insanely creepy seeing Immortan Joe enslave women and turn his War Boys into cult-like followers. When the world ends, the guy who paints the prettiest picture of the afterlife will rule.

2. A Clockwork Orange

dystopian movies
Still not as sickening as the alt-right.

The future is filled with ultra-violence. Perhaps the most disturbing movies to make this list, it’s also probably the most critically-acclaimed of all the dystopian movies. Malcolm McDowell stars as the kind of guy we all would be terrified to meet in a dark alley. His idea of a fun night on the town involves brutalizing men and women in the worst possible ways. It’s actually one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen (though I’ve never watched the Human Centipede). The notion that anyone could be into that sort of violence is just sickening. Then again, we see all sorts of horrible acts on the news every night. Guess I should start putting together my gang now.