1. Blade Runner

dystopian movies
Hey, at least the food is good.

Those of you who know Stars & Popcorn, know that I will put Blade Runner on any list I can. Luckily, a dystopian movies list is actually a perfect place for this film. A dark and dreary future where man has turned to creating Replicants to work as slave labor. The only problem is that technology has gotten away from them a bit, and now they need men to kill their creations. Despite it being a world filled with hard men who have to find and kill artificial beings who only want a lot nothing more than a chance to live. Almost as if the opposite of Terminator or the Matrix, it’s man that’s killing it’s creation. It’s almost as depressing a thought as the other way around.

Honorable Mention: Idiocracy

dystopian movies
Still a better president than Trump.

Why is this movie an honorable mention? Because we’re living the damn thing right now. It’s not one of those dystopian movies, it’s a damn documentary of where we’re heading as a country. I remember laughing at how absurd it all was. Surely we’d never fall so far? Well, we’re free falling right now, baby. We’ve got hate groups that are trying to bogart memes we used to love. There’s a reality star in the white house who tweets during his 3 AM bowel movement. Worst of all critics have no idea what audiences want to see in movies anymore. I don’t know what the world is coming to, but I think that Idiocracy gave us a terrifying glimpse of what the future might hold.

There you have it. The 10 Best Dystopian Movies to prepare you for all the horrors the future might hold. There are a ton of other ones though, so be sure to comment on what your favorite is and toss me a few recommendations of what you think should go on this list.