When You See a Nazi, Punch a Nazi!

Honestly, I hate that this article is even relevant. I hate that Neo-Nazi/ white supremacists in America have made it necessary for me to point out what Hollywood has been teaching us for years and years. That lesson? When you see a Nazi, you punch a Nazi. With protests across the country complaining about white men have things “taken” from them by more qualified people, it’s time for Stars & Popcorn to take an official stand. It might have gone unsaid, but I’m saying it any ways, we are completely anti-nazi, anti-white-supremacist, and anti-“alt-right.” If some of you even have to ask why it’s because my heroes growing up showed me that you need to protect those that need it most, and that often means taking a stand and punching a Nazi in the face. That’s why I’ve put together a list of great movie characters that proved no one has time for Nazi’s and the garbage they spray from their eatin’ holes. And America shouldn’t have time for White Supremacist and their pity parties. With that in mind, here are 10 characters that taught us not to be afraid to punch a Nazi when you need to. While America might believe in freedom of speech that doesn’t include freedom from consequence, so with this list, I encourage all Stars & Popcorn fans to do their part to fight ignorance and bigotry in all forms. We have an obligation to follow in our heroes footsteps and fight these scum bags every way we can!

10. Kung Fury- Kung Fury

Kung Fury punch a nazi
There really are no words. Just see it.

Trim away the satire and ridiculousness that is Kung Fury and you find a very clear message at the heart of it. If you get a chance to beat up Hitler, you don’t just punch him, you summon dinosaurs and Odin and whatever else you can. It’s an amazing short film that seems to ignore all logic, that is until those damn Nazi’s show up. Then suddenly the whole thing makes sense. I’m not saying this is a film that deserves accolades or anything like that, but if there is one thing I can get behind, it’s the fact that Nazi’s deserve to get the ever-living crap kicked out of them. We might not have dinosaurs, but we sure as hell can trample the terrible people ruining what America stands for. Best of all Kung Fury made sure to puch those Nazis as best he could.

9. Cliff- The Rocketeer

Rocketeer punch a nazi
The rocket provides extra “oomph” for punching Nazis.

Hey, I’m not going to argue that The Rocketeer was a good movie. But even a bad movie knows to encourage audiences to punch Nazis. Sometimes even while wearing a jetpack. In fact, if you have a jetpack, you should definitely use that to help punch a Nazi extra hard. It’s an easily forgettable film, but director Joe Johnson started an early trend that I can definitely get behind. The habit? Nazi’s are the natural enemies of superheroes in movies. Now, let’s just think about that for a moment. People granted tremendous powers and responsibility all seem to want to punch Nazis. So, what should we take away from that? Yeah, we all should stand up to bigotry and sometimes pop it in the mouth for good measure.

8. Rick Blaine- Casablanca

Rick punch a nazi
Rick might not believe in much, but he believes that Nazis suck.

Rick barely made it onto this list. Sure, Casablanca is a tremendous film, but Rick was not exactly a guy who stood his ground at the beginning. Instead, he decided to pay them off to live in peace. Let’s not hold that against him though, because when the chips were down, he chose to screw over the Nazi’s. So, we can’t be too mad that he’s been keeping his head low because when it really counted, he lifted it high and told the Nazi’s to “suck it.” Rick helped to smuggle the resistance out of the country and keep them safe from the leather booted fascist that would do them harm. So, what can we take away from this? Protect those who stand their ground, even if you can’t stand yours.