There Are Lots of Great Upcoming Movies in 2018!

Yeah yeah, new year new you. More importantly, new year new movies! 2018 has a lot of new movies coming out and it’s still early enough in the year for audiences to feel excited about the possibility of a great year for films. That’s why it’s time for Stars & Popcorn’s list of upcoming movies in 2018 we can get excited about. Just a heads up, there are a lot of great looking upcoming movies, but given some of the mistakes we’ve seen recently a few flicks didn’t make it into the top 10, like Solo: A Star Wars Story or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s not that they’re blacklisted, it’s just that we’ve been hurt before and prefer to take a stand of cautious optimism when it comes to them. So, get ready for Stars & Popcorns List of 10 Upcoming Movies to Look for in 2018 and be sure to comment on what movie you’re the most excited form

10. Alita: Battle Angel

We finally actually got to see something from that movie James Cameron has been talking about making for… Well, years. It’s been the reason for the hold on the Avatar franchise and something that is clearly a passion project for the director known for revolutionary visual effects in his films. Will it be good though? Honestly, I have no idea. After all, Avatar was jaw-dropping and beautiful, but it’s wasn’t “good.” Time will tell with this one, but given that anime has had such a hard time transitioning to live-action features in the past, the fact that a powerhouse like Cameron is taking a swing might settle the debate of if it can actually be done well.

9. Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson is one of the true auters of modern cinema, and one that film school students absolutely love. As far as my opinion of him goes, he’s hit and miss. However, I love his more recent movies and his newest one is reminiscent of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was great. Of all the upcoming movies this year, Isle of Dogs boasts one of the most impressive cast with the likes of Bryan Cranston, Harvey Keitel, and Frances McDormand. It’s also really uncommon to get claymation these days, which is another reason to get excited about this. Besides, everyone loves a movie about man’s best friend and this one’s got an isle filled with them.

8. Aquaman

I’m sure that both guys and gals are excited about this one.

Yeah, I know that we’re on shaky ground with the DCU. At least that’s what critics would leave us to believe. After Wonder Woman last year though, I think that there’s a lot of hope for the upcoming movies they’re getting ready to roll out and Aquaman is leading the pack. Jason Momoa proved to be one of the best parts of last year’s Justice League film and proved that the hero that talks to fishes are not one to be taken lightly. This version of the hero has a bit of a rock and roll makeover, making him more like a Viking. That means he loves to drink and nothing makes him happier than a good fight. Here’s hoping Aquaman turns the tides for the DCU in 2018.