Why are There So Many Creepy Movie Kids?

For the sake of transparency, I’ll admit that I’m not big on kids. While every parent seems to think their kid is the best kid that ever kidded in the history of kids, most of us can admit that some kids aren’t great, some aren’t even good, and a select few are downright terrifying. That’s why I put together this list of 10 of the most terrifying kids from movie history. There have been a lot of creepy kids over the years, but this list is focused on the ones that will really make young adults rethink the whole child rearing thing. If you do have kids, it might be a good idea to call a sitter and put a few counties between you and your little one before looking over this. That being said, let’s get this list of tiny terrors going!

10. The Grady Twins (The Shining)

The Gradys were not quite twinning.
The Gradys were not quite twinning.

What’s worse than one creepy, ghost girl? How about two! Coming in at No. 10 on this list are the classic Grady twins, who you might know better as those two little girls from The Shining who want Danny to come and play with them forever. True, they didn’t actually do anything terrifying in the film, but just standing there and holding hands like that gives me the willies. Kids always know just how to do the creepiest things. Personally, I blame these two for ruining twins for me.

9. Isaac Chroner (Children Of The Corn)

With that hat, Isaac was clearly a hipster ahead of his time.
With that hat, Isaac was clearly a hipster ahead of his time.

Religion can be a terrifying thing in the wrong hands, and there probably aren’t any hands worse than Isaac Chroner’s (well, unless you count his muscle, Malachai). He’s a terrifying preacher who manages to turn an entire town’s children against their parents, which is pretty surprising since he’s about as charismatic as the Quaker Oats guy. Honestly, I think it’s the hat that really gives him the menacing presence. Oh, and the fact that he worships something called He Who Walks Behind the Rows. If they ever remade the movie, he’d probably be a televangelist.

8. Henry Evans (The Good Son)

Culkin turned out to be one of the child-actor success stories. Oh, wait...
Culkin turned out to be one of the child-actor success stories. Oh, wait…

Before Frodo set off to destroy the One Ring, he was terrorized by a young Kevin McCallister. The Good Son features probably a more believable version of what a Kevin might have been like deep down, because Henry is a total sociopath. It’s revealed early on that he has a dark obsession with death and killed his younger brother in a bathtub. His unquenchable thirst for killing didn’t stop there, and Henry has his sights set on the rest of his family. Luckily Elijah Wood is there to once again to defeat the evil.