Comic Series Netflix Should Pick Up

Netflix is Going to Need New Comic Series Once Disney Pulls the Plug. Bad news hit recently that Disney was going to pull everything Star Wars, Marvel, and, well, Disney from Netflix and start its own streaming service. That’s bad news for people who have come to love their comic based Netflix series. Before all […]

Marvel Netflix series

Ranking the Marvel Netflix Series

Taking a Look Back at the Marvel Netflix Series from Worst to Best Recently, we’ve gotten a bit of bad news when it comes to the Marvel Netflix series. It would seem that Disney has decided that it’s going to take its toys and go play in its own sandbox. In other words, the entertainment […]

Ranking the MCU: Marvel’s Best and Worst Movies

Here’s the Definitive Count Down Of the Best and Worst Of the MCU The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has grown into a full-blown money making monster. Going from humble beginnings as a struggling studio, to becoming one of the biggest blockbuster contenders in the industry. However, money doesn’t always mean quality, and there have been […]

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Hollywood and Sexual Harassment: It’s Time for Change

The Toxic Culture of Covering Up and Never Punishing Sexual Harassment Has to Go! It seems like scandals and Hollywood go get along like peas and carrots. Over the years there’s been controversies over whitewashing, lack of roles on and off camera for women and minorities, plenty of drug problems, and so on. This year […]

The Best Horror Comedies You Can Stream for Halloween

Horror Might Not Be for Everyone. Horror Comedies on the Other Hand… After seeing Happy Death Day in theaters, I felt compelled to binge watch as many horror comedies as I could find. With Halloween right around the corner it only seemed fair to share my findings with those that might be a bit more […]

The Best Series to Binge Watch Before Halloween

Looking to Get your Binge Watch On? Here are the Best Series for Halloween! Halloween is right around the corner and while many of you might be dressing up as sexy a whatever to go party, many will be staying home and eating the candy that’s supposed to go to trick or treaters. Of course, […]