The Best Horror Comedies You Can Stream for Halloween

Horror Might Not Be for Everyone. Horror Comedies on the Other Hand…

After seeing Happy Death Day in theaters, I felt compelled to binge watch as many horror comedies as I could find. With Halloween right around the corner it only seemed fair to share my findings with those that might be a bit more squeamish when it comes to horror films, but still, want something fun to help them embrace the holiday. So, I compiled this list of movies you can stream from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Just to be fair, I decided to include two from each service, so everyone would have a double feature to enjoy. There are plenty of well-known horror comedies like Scary Movie out there, but I thought it might be fun to try to throw in a few movies fans might not have had a chance to watch yet. So enjoy this list of films that will offer up plenty of laughs while still offering up everything you might love from the horror genre.

Patchwork (Netflix)

horror comedies
Girl Power!

Looking for something a horror comedy that can pass the Bechdel-test? Well, then I’ve got the perfect suggestions for you. Patchwork tells the tale of three women who find themselves “Frankensteined” together. Essentially, they’re all in one body, but their minds all exist within it. The good news is that the three women seem to be of the same mind that they need to get revenge on whoever did this to them. It’s campy, funny, and actually a pretty empowering film. If you like your horror comedies with strong female protagonists, this is definitely one you’ll want to watch.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (Netflix and Hulu)

horror comedies
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or a redneck by their trucker hat.

This is the movie I have forced every single person I know. Even one of my friends who can’t stand scary movies loved this one. Why is it so good? Well, because Alan Tudyk is amazing and Tyler Labine is amazing. Putting them together is like peanut butter and chocolate. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is easily one of the greatest modern horror comedies, it stars two hillbillies who find themselves trapped in a perpetual loop of misunderstanding with some city kids out camping. There might be a lot of blood, but it’s nowhere near the level of charm. If you haven’t seen this one, then you need to add it to your queue. Since it’s on Netflix and Hulu, you don’t have any excuse not to.

Shaun of the Dead (Hulu)

horror comedies
The film that gave every nerd hope they could survive the zombie apocalypse.

There are few horror comedies more beloved than Shaun of the Dead. The first entry in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy features two hapless man-children faced with the zombie apocalypse. Luckily they both happen to be huge geeks and know just how to survive such a harrowing event. Unluckily, they don’t manage to do it with as much grace as they would like. Shaun of the Dead is a perfect twist on the zombie genre and offers up plenty of laughs. Then again, what else would you expect from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? If you haven’t seen this one, you’re going to want to watch it, and if you have, you’re probably going to want to watch it again.

What We Do in the Shadows (Prime)

horror comedies
Roommates can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.

If you want to get an idea of what kind of humor you can expect in the new Thor movie, then you’re going to want to check out this amazing film from Taika Waititi (and co-director Jemaine Clement). This mockumentary follows the lives of several vampires sharing a house in New Zealand. The thing is that they are neither menacing or sparkly. Instead, they lead pretty mundane lives for the most part, but with a twist. Think of it as The Real World, only instead of sucking, it sucks blood. As far as horror comedies go, this one will leave you in stitches. Plus it’s got a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. So you know it’s gotta be pretty good.

Crush the Skull (Prime)

horror movies
For those who like to laugh before you scream.

This is probably one of my personal favorite horror comedies. It was included on my list of the Best Horror Movies to Stream for Halloween, and I’m going to toss it on this horror comedies list as well. Initially, I had the opportunity to see the Crush the Skull at the Florida Film Festival and met co-writer Chris Dinh, who was incredibly nice. So, at the very least you should see this movie to support the filmmakers. It’s a much more dialogue driven comedy about a group of thieves that find themselves trapped in a house that belongs to a vicious serial killer. It quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse as they try to find a way to escape with their lives.


These next two movies are available to stream if you have the Showtime add-on for Hulu. Personally, I think they are two of the best horror comedies you’ve probably never heard of and if you’re able to, you should make these a priority to watch.

Bloodsucking Bastards (Hulu with Showtime)


horror comedies
Look like it’s casual Friday.


Corporate culture can be a real pain in the ass or in the case of Bloodsucking Bastards, a pain in the neck. Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) is a slacker who finds that his office is slowly being overrun by vampires and takes it upon himself to save the day in order to impress his ex-girlfriend. The thing is that the vampires are pretty good at their jobs and so it’s hard for him to get any support from his superiors. It features a cast filled with people you’ll recognize from comedy movies over the years and even someone that Game of Thrones fans will freak out about if they can recognize him in the role.

Gravy (Hulu with Showtime)

horror comedies
It is just as weird as it looks.

Gravy is another one of those great horror comedies that managed to fly under the radar. It rounds off this list because it tackles cannibals holding a restaurant full of employees hostage on Halloween as they work their way through an all you can eat buffet. The thing is that these cannibals are actually pretty normal people, all things considered. So the line quickly becomes blurred between who is more likable, the killers or their victims. Gravy doesn’t have the budget to invent in gory effects, so it relies on its stellar cast to really sell it. Luckily, they have a great script to work off of and the result is, well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

I get that not everyone loves scary movies, but those horror comedies should give even those with the tamest of tastes in movies something fun to get in the spirit of Halloween with. Afterall, what goes better with blood than side-splitting laughter? Still, there are a ton of others out there and even I had a hard time narrowing it down to these gems. So, be sure to comment below with your favorite horror comedies. That way I’ll have plenty to watch for Halloween.