Horror Movies

The Revival of Horror Movies

For the first time in nearly a decade, I’m actually excited to see horror movies again. Since I started as a film critic years ago, there was always a sense of dread when it came to the genre, and not in a good way. Now it’s almost as though there is this reinvestment by Hollywood […]

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Blade Runner 2049 is everything I wanted and so much more. For the sake of honesty, I’m going to tell you that I’m a huge fan of Blade Runner. So, I am far from an impartial judge when it comes to Blade Runner 2049. The original film set the bar incredibly high and I was […]

survival movies

10 Best Survival Movies

Nothing makes you more thankful that you’re safe on your couch than a good survival movie. Let’s face it the world is a terrifying place. There are a lot of things out there that can make you dead, and other humans can seem like the least of your problems in the grand scheme of things. […]

Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies to Stream for Halloween

Good Horror Movies Can Be Hard to Find. It’s October and that means it’s time to start watching horror movies like there’s no tomorrow. I love this time of year because it gives me a reasonable excuse to explain my binge watching. However, the one thing I hate about it is trying to weed through […]

Blade Runner Review

Still One of the Best of All Time 35 years have passed since Blade Runner was first released in theaters, and while it was never met with much box office success, it has since been re-released as the first-ever “director’s cut” and again in the form of a digitally remastered “final cut.” With the alterations […]

American Made Review

America Giveth and America Taketh Away After The Mummy earlier this year, Tom Cruise needed a win in order to put that tragedy far in the rearview mirror. Luckily for him, American Made came to the rescue. I’ll admit that I really wasn’t looking forward to the movie, if only because I’m getting over the […]