Marvel Netflix series

The Punisher (Netflix) Review

The Punisher is Filled with Blood and Violence but is Never Gratuitous. Normally, I don’t review shows or series. But seeing as how I’m a total comic geek, I’m probably going to break that habit starting with The Punisher. Previously, fans were treated to a look at Jon Bernthal’s interpretation of Frank Castle in the […]

Justice League Review

Justice League Might Not Be a Masterpiece, but It’s a Big Step in the Right Direction If you’re like me, then Justice League was a long-awaited movie that was going to prove that the DCU had what it takes to take on Marvel. Unfortunately, Justice League wasn’t able to live up to those expectations and […]

10 Best Performances in DC Movies

DC Movies Keep Getting Better and So Do the Performances Marvel might still be the big dog, but with Justice League coming DC movies might start to give them a run for their money. True, fans have had their issues with many of the DCU films that have hit theaters recently, but I’m not here […]

Marvel Netflix series

Ranking the Marvel Netflix Series

Taking a Look Back at the Marvel Netflix Series from Worst to Best Recently, we’ve gotten a bit of bad news when it comes to the Marvel Netflix series. It would seem that Disney has decided that it’s going to take its toys and go play in its own sandbox. In other words, the entertainment […]

Murder on the Orient Express Review

Murder on the Orient Express Certainly Loves Kenneth Branagh Oscar season is in the air and it’s pretty clear that Murder on the Orient Express is Kenneth Branagh attempt to snag at least one nomination this year. For the most part, the film is pretty much on point, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a good movie […]

10 Best Train Movies

Got a Train Movies List. Just Got to Avoid Train Puns… A lesser man would start a list of the 10 Best Train Movies with some terrible cliche, like “all aboard.” Luckily for you, I may be a lesser man, but I am a lesser many some semblance of self-respect. In movies, the train has […]