Not All Comics Feature Superheroes.

Comic book movies are big business these days. This year alone there have been over half a dozen that have hit theaters. Most of them though feature costume-clad heroes punching their problems in the face. However, not all comic book movies star superheroes. Despite a common misconception, comics can be about so much more than superheroes. That why I decided to take some time to look into the films that don’t feature guys in capes. The research for this list was actually pretty enlightening and I learned a lot about different movies. In the end, though I was able to narrow it down to 10 movies that I think do comic books justice.

10. RED

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“You can’t keep an old dog down,” is the resonating theme of this comic book movie. It features Bruce Willis doing what he does best (and let’s just say that it’s not showing a wide range of emotions). He stars as a retired Black Ops agent labeled R.E.D. or Retired Extremely Dangerous. Fortunately for audiences, he doesn’t quite take to retirement and soon finds himself mixed up in a global conspiracy that requires him to recruit several other geriatric operatives from the good old days. It packs a star-studded cast including Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren. The sequel though, well let’s just say the sequel isn’t something this list is too concerned about.

9. Atomic Blonde

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No one kicks ass these days quite like Charlize Theron. She’s proven to be on the front line of bringing strong female leads to the silver screen. Add on the fact that she’s joined by David Leitch, the man behind John Wick meant that this comic book movie was set to be a powder keg of action. The film delivered on that front as Theron takes on the role of a British spy sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow operative. Once there, she finds herself in a web of conspiracy as friends become enemies and enemies, well, they continue to be enemies. Of course, everyone manages to underestimate how truly deadly Theron is and the audience gets to relish watching her kick Soviet butts all across Berlin.

8. Kingsman: The Secret Service

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This comic book movie is a fan favorite among geeks and that’s probably mostly due to the fact that Matthew Vaughn is one of the great comic book directors out there today (except for Kick-Ass 2). Kingsman has a cast that features almost every recognizable British actor available, from Colin Firth to Mark Strong to Michael Caine. It’s also the film that launched Sophia Boutella and Taron Egerton to stardom. It’s an action-packed film that manages to keep a tongue in cheek sense of humor through out it. Though some of the jokes are a bit crude considering how posh most of the cast acts. This one was a no-brainer for this list and I really hope the sequel proves that it deserves to be on here too.