Dystopian Movies Are Giving An Eerie Look at What Will Be.

Once upon a time, dystopian movies were something people would flock to theaters for in order to see how bad their life could be. That was before the Great Pumpkin won’t the 2016 election and came to power. Now dystopian movies aren’t a just a fanciful flight into what if, a lot of them are eerie predictions of what might come to pass. I wish I was a bit more optimistic about this list, but let’s face it, things have been better. Still, things could be a lot worse too. That’s why I’ve put together my list of the Top 10 Dystopian Movies (meaning futures I truly dread). The one rule I had was that I could only pick one movie per franchise. So you won’t see a bunch of Road Warrior movies listed below. That means I had to pick the best of the best as far as that goes. What you have remaining are a bunch of dystopian movies that I hope never come to pass. So, get ready to horde supplies, kill over water, and never trust another human again, because these are the 10 Best Dystopian Movies!

10. Equilibrium

Dystopian Movies
If you love the puppy, then you’re a dead man.

What would the world be like without all those liberal snowflakes and their “feelings” and “sensitive compassion for living beings”? Well, it would be a lot like the world Equilibrium portrays. This dystopian movie was heralded as “the thinking man’s Matrix,” for its action sequences, but for me, it’s a world in which showing emotion is a crime. Sorta like protesting the inhumane treatment of people is frowned upon by certain people in power these days. Here’s hoping those liberal snowflakes show another emotion before Equilibrium comes to pass, anger.

9. Minority Report

Dystopian Movies
With the grace of a ballerina, he condemns men who haven’t done anything.

Imagine a future where you could be convicted of a crime you hadn’t yet committed… Or maybe held on suspicion and declared an enemy of the state for something you hadn’t done yet. No matter how you word it, being arrested and charged for something you hadn’t done yet is a terrifying notion. Minority Report was one of those dystopian movies that came to pass a little sooner than expected. Sure, we can go on and on about national security and all that jazz, but I kinda feel like people should be held for what they’ve done, not what they might do. I think Tom Cruise would agree with me on that one too.

8. V for Vendetta

Dystopian Movies
Huh, the government isn’t really going to like this.

Remember, Remember the fifth of November. This dystopian movie was one that showed what happens when a fascist state rises to power and people do nothing to stop it. Sure, I could point out the obvious warning and the direction our country is heading, but instead, I’m going to focus on the positive aspects of the movie. As the main character, V said, “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” It’s a movie that shows the power that people have when they stand together behind an ideal, an ideal that refuses to bow to corruption and an iron fist. Let’s hope we don’t come to a point where we’ll need such an ideal.