1. The Conjuring

haunted house movies
Yes, there’s a ghost. But can we really afford NOT to buy it?

Coming in at number one on our list of the best haunted house movies is a relatively new movie. New doesn’t mean bad though, and the only bad thing about The Conjuring is just how damn scary it is. I had heard whispers about it before going in, but nothing could prepare me for this insane masterpiece by James Wan. This is a director that proved that he doesn’t need buckets of blood to make a true horror film, and the terror of this one will last with you long after the credits roll. As far as haunted house movies go, this is one you’ll definitely want a buddy with you to watch. Otherwise, you’re in for a restless night.


There you have it! The 10 Best Haunted House movies. I’m sure a lot of you have other movies you think were deserving to be on this list, which is great! Be sure to let me know in the comments what some of your favorites are. Just don’t try to trick me into watching Hausu. I’ve already fallen for that one before and it’s nightmarish in all the wrong ways. Still, I love hearing your thoughts so feel free to share them below.

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  1. it Has been a long time, and maybe it doesn’t hold up anymore, and technically, the sorority house isn’t haunted, but the original BLACK CHRISTMAS with Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder used to make me unable to sit on my seat.

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