12 Strong Review

12 Strong is Just What Theaters Need Right Now. It looks like the curse of January has broken with 12 Strong being the first pretty decent film of the year. Of course, that’s all relative since the beginning of the year isn’t really known for offering anything award-worthy. Still, 12 Strong is the first breathe […]

Iraq War

Top 10 Iraq War Movies

We’ve been stuck in the Iraq War for over 16 years now, which means that Hollywood has had plenty of time to profit off of it. They say that war is hell, but that doesn’t mean that all movies about war have to be hell to sit through. That’s why I decided that it would […]

Proud Mary Review

Unfortunately, Proud Mary Never Starts Burning, Much Less Keeps On Burning. Well, it’s about that time in 2018 when I start to complain about truly awful films and first up is Proud Mary. It’s a shame because I really wanted Proud Mary to be an amazing, fun movie that was John Wick with a woman […]

The Commuter Review

The Commuter is… Well, it’s a movie. The Commuter really does live up to it’s name, because it’s as thrilling as a morning commute. It’s essentially everything that I’ve come to dread about theaters in the month of January. From a technical standpoint, it’s not an awful film. In fact, it’s fairly competently made. The […]

female characters

Top 10 Most Badass Female Characters in Movies

These Female Characters Don’t Need to be Rescued by Anyone. Female Characters don’t get the respect they deserve in movies. Hollywood has an obsession with old school storytelling where Prince Charming has to come along and save the damsel in distress. Check out most action movies and the women in them are treated more like […]

Action Heoes

Geri-Action: Old Action Heroes Die Hard

Action Heroes are Enjoying their Twilight Years Saving the World One of the newer trends out of Hollywood has been the rise of the aging action heroes returning to the big screen in an effort to prove that age is just a number. More and more we see our heroes rushing off to save their […]