10 Best Train Movies

Got a Train Movies List. Just Got to Avoid Train Puns… A lesser man would start a list of the 10 Best Train Movies with some terrible cliche, like “all aboard.” Luckily for you, I may be a lesser man, but I am a lesser many some semblance of self-respect. In movies, the train has […]

American Assassin Review

Dylan O’Brien is Kind of A Badass in American Assassin September 2017 sure was a month for being American at the box office. Of course, Tom Cruise‘s American Made got plenty of critical acclaims, but for my money, American Assassin was a movie that was much more enjoyable. In it Dylan O’Brien finds himself moving from […]

Ranking the MCU: Marvel’s Best and Worst Movies

Here’s the Definitive Count Down Of the Best and Worst Of the MCU The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has grown into a full-blown money making monster. Going from humble beginnings as a struggling studio, to becoming one of the biggest blockbuster contenders in the industry. However, money doesn’t always mean quality, and there have been […]

Thor: Ragnarok Review

So, Thor: Ragnarok is a Comedy? Despite what some fans might think about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it is far from perfect. The Thor series has always felt like the weakest link in the franchise, despite the fact that he seems to contribute so much to the ensemble in Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor […]

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Hollywood and Sexual Harassment: It’s Time for Change

The Toxic Culture of Covering Up and Never Punishing Sexual Harassment Has to Go! It seems like scandals and Hollywood go get along like peas and carrots. Over the years there’s been controversies over whitewashing, lack of roles on and off camera for women and minorities, plenty of drug problems, and so on. This year […]

The Best Horror Comedies You Can Stream for Halloween

Horror Might Not Be for Everyone. Horror Comedies on the Other Hand… After seeing Happy Death Day in theaters, I felt compelled to binge watch as many horror comedies as I could find. With Halloween right around the corner it only seemed fair to share my findings with those that might be a bit more […]