Iraq War

Top 10 Iraq War Movies

We’ve been stuck in the Iraq War for over 16 years now, which means that Hollywood has had plenty of time to profit off of it. They say that war is hell, but that doesn’t mean that all movies about war have to be hell to sit through. That’s why I decided that it would […]

female characters

Top 10 Most Badass Female Characters in Movies

These Female Characters Don’t Need to be Rescued by Anyone. Female Characters don’t get the respect they deserve in movies. Hollywood has an obsession with old school storytelling where Prince Charming has to come along and save the damsel in distress. Check out most action movies and the women in them are treated more like […]

10 Upcoming Movies to Get Excited About in 2018

There Are Lots of Great Upcoming Movies in 2018! Yeah yeah, new year new you. More importantly, new year new movies! 2018 has a lot of new movies coming out and it’s still early enough in the year for audiences to feel excited about the possibility of a great year for films. That’s why it’s […]

10 Best Movies of 2017

Stars & Popcorn Present the Best Movies of 2017! 2017 has come and gone, so it’s that time to look back on it and reflect on all the good and bad that has befallen us. Instead of focusing on the bad though, Stars & Popcorn is going to take a look at the best movies […]

Top 10 Movies About Filmmaking

Behind the Glitz and Glamor, Filmmaking is a Brutal Business Hollywood is a land where many dreams come true and that’s why, deep down, everyone wants to get into the filmmaking business. It’s not all bright lights and after parties though. In fact, recent events have shown that there’s a lot of horrible things that […]

10 Best Performances in DC Movies

DC Movies Keep Getting Better and So Do the Performances Marvel might still be the big dog, but with Justice League coming DC movies might start to give them a run for their money. True, fans have had their issues with many of the DCU films that have hit theaters recently, but I’m not here […]