Netflix is Going to Need New Comic Series Once Disney Pulls the Plug.

Bad news hit recently that Disney was going to pull everything Star Wars, Marvel, and, well, Disney from Netflix and start its own streaming service. That’s bad news for people who have come to love their comic based Netflix series. Before all the geeks start to panic, let me just say that this could be a pretty awesome opportunity for Netflix to branch out and create new and exciting programming. Of course, the CW currently has a stranglehold on DC, but who says all comic shows have to feature people in tights and capes running around. Just take a look at AMC’s Preacher, which has quickly become one of my favorite comic series (sorry The Walking Dead). Plus there are lots of other comic shows that can currently be streamed. What could be better revenge than creating some all-new Netflix series based on comics? There are plenty to choose from out there, and luckily for them, I’ve come up with a list of 5 awesome suggestions for them to get to work on. Trust me, I had a few eureka moments that should get a few of you comic geeks pretty excited. So, get the Director of programming over at Netflix on the phone, because I’m going to need a consultation fee on this one.

5. Witchblade

Comic Series
Maybe a little more coverage…

Yeah, I know that once upon a time TNT tried to do a Witchblade series, but how far did we think a series like that was going to make it on basic cable. Trust me though, I’m not tossing this one on here just because I’m a typical guy who wants to see a girl running around half naked. I think if done right there is a ton of lore that Witchblade could take advantage of. Plus, just duping the guy expecting a half-naked girl could really pull in the viewers. It’s got a strong female protagonist, lots of action, and a whole mess of supernatural elements. I think a revamp of the costume and putting a female director behind it could end up giving it a very Wonder Woman feel.

4. Rat Queens

Comic Series
This series has some serious girl power!

Anyone who has read Rat Queens knows that it’s basically a D&D nerds dream come true. It features a party of women (including a dwarf, cleric, mage, and halfling) who basically do nothing but get up to no good. With Amazon snatching a Lord of the Rings series, this could be Netflixes chance to do a comic series that wouldn’t leave them in the dust. The only problem is that it’s chalked full of mythical creatures and that could cost them a pretty penny… Unless they made it a very adult-oriented animated series. Think of it like Adult Swim meets Dungeons and Dragons meet kick-ass female protagonists. I’ve had a chance to read through the series, and with a little spit and polish, it could make a great series for Netflix to branch into a bit more grown-up animation.

3. Paper Girls

Comic Series
In case we need a new ‘Stranger Things.’

Brian K. Vaughn is a god when it comes to comic series. The man is one of the greatest working comic creators to date. So, of all his series, why is Paper Girls popping up first on this list? Because of a little show called Stranger Things. You might have heard of it or more likely binge watched it. Paper Girls is a comic series that takes place in the 80’s and features a group of paper girls caught up in a mystery that quickly spirals out of control and becomes much more mind-blowing than any of them are prepared for. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say it involves time travel. It’s an Eisner award-winning series that would grab hold of a large audience and give us a chance to get a look at the next big thing in up and coming actresses.

2. Y: The Last Man

Comic Series
This series really needs to be adapted by someone at this point…

Speaking of Brian K. Vaughn, this is a series that has been stuck in production hell for way too long. Initially, it was pitched as a movie, but I think the story is just way too big for that. The series is about the day all men on earth drop dead for some unknown reason, except for one man and his monkey. What follows is an incredible journey as he travels across the country and the world accompanied by one of the biggest badasses in comic history, Agent 355. This comic series has it all, intrigue suspense, drama, you name it. Plus, a lot of strong female characters. Yeah, I know this is the fourth series I’ve mentioned with a majority female cast, but hey that’s not a bad thing. In fact, maybe that’s just because we need more female-centric series and there are a ton of great comic series out there that can give it to us.

1. Sandman

Comic Series
This would make Netflix a power house.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had his eye on this series for years, and with the success of Neil Gaiman’s series American Gods recently, there is no reason why Netflix shouldn’t pour its resources into an adaptation of Sandman. This comic series is one of the most well known and universally loved series, probably ever. If Netflix wants to get ahead of Disney and Marvel, this is the way to do it. The series follows Dream, a mythical being who was held captive by men for decades until he manages to escape. Upon his release, he seeks revenge and also his siblings who make up the likes of Delirium, Destiny, and Death. This comic series has been floating around in limbo for years and at this rate, it will take 70 years for it to be made. Unless Netflix decides it wants to throw down and secure itself as a major player.

Those are just some of the comic series that I think Netflix should start eyeing once Disney makes up its mind when it comes to its streaming service. I don’t want to speak ill of the mouse, but with them trying to buy Fox as well, it might not be long before a monopoly is developed. While there are lots of other comic series out there (I would love to see Invincible), lots are getting snatched up quickly. So, what comic series would you like to binge on Netflix? Be sure to leave a comment about what you think of the list and what series you would love to see.