10 Best Movie Doctors

The lives of doctors are often romanticised by Hollywood. They all tend to be brilliant men who always come to the rescue to save every life that crosses their path. That reminds me of a joke though. What do you call someone who graduated at the bottom of their class in medical school? Doctor. As […]

Why All the Remake Hate?

Just Because it’s a Remake Doesn’t Mean it’s Terrible Every time I hear about a movie remake I prepare myself for the wave of anger that’s about to come flooding at me. For some reason, the vast majority of people automatically hate the idea of remaking a movie. I’m not sure if it’s due to […]

Can Gender Bending Be Successful in Hollywood?

Everyone Loves a Good Gender Bend. I’m going to admit right off the bat that Hollywood has a serious issue when it comes to gender equality. More often than not women are cast as the sidekick, love interest or object of desire for audiences to lust after. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional sexy […]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is exactly what you might want from a sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle has secured my belief that Matthew Vaughn is probably one of the best comic book movie directors working today. The film comes as a welcome relief from many of the other movies that have come out this year, such […]

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10 Best Comic Book Movies without Capes

Not All Comics Feature Superheroes. Comic book movies are big business these days. This year alone there have been over half a dozen that have hit theaters. Most of them though feature costume-clad heroes punching their problems in the face. However, not all comic book movies star superheroes. Despite a common misconception, comics can be […]

Horror Movie Mistakes I Can’t Stand

Mistakes Make You Human. Horror Movie Mistakes Make You Dead. Years ago I got into a conversation about how stupidity is the cornerstone of horror movies. Most situations people find themselves are a result of modern day Darwinism. Indeed most scary movies live by the motto “the stupid shall inherit the earth.” While I have […]