The Florida Project Review

The Florida Project Captures the Horrifying Magic that is Florida Life. As someone who lives in Florida, I’ve often had people how lucky I am to live in the land of sunshine and anthropomorphic mice. However, I feel a bit of embarrassment living in the state known for the infamous “Florida Man” that graces news […]

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Review

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Proves that Families are… Complicated In a lot of ways, The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a movie that justifies the rating system here at Stars & Popcorn. There’s no arguing that it isn’t an excellent, deep, and meaningful film. One worthy of praise and admiration. However, it’s a […]

Coco Review

Pixar Does What Pixar Does Best with Coco To be honest, I’m not even sure how important it is for people to even read reviews of Coco. Pixar’s track record speaks for itself and has established itself as being one of the most reliable movie studios in the industry. I’m not saying they’re perfect (Cars […]

Comic Series Netflix Should Pick Up

Netflix is Going to Need New Comic Series Once Disney Pulls the Plug. Bad news hit recently that Disney was going to pull everything Star Wars, Marvel, and, well, Disney from Netflix and start its own streaming service. That’s bad news for people who have come to love their comic based Netflix series. Before all […]

Marvel Netflix series

The Punisher (Netflix) Review

The Punisher is Filled with Blood and Violence but is Never Gratuitous. Normally, I don’t review shows or series. But seeing as how I’m a total comic geek, I’m probably going to break that habit starting with The Punisher. Previously, fans were treated to a look at Jon Bernthal’s interpretation of Frank Castle in the […]

Justice League Review

Justice League Might Not Be a Masterpiece, but It’s a Big Step in the Right Direction If you’re like me, then Justice League was a long-awaited movie that was going to prove that the DCU had what it takes to take on Marvel. Unfortunately, Justice League wasn’t able to live up to those expectations and […]